An Evaluation of the Importance and Difficulties of a Paperless Office

An Evaluation of the Importance and Issues of a Paperless Office

The Paperless(?) Office

1. What exactly are the benefits and drawbacks of the paperless business office?

There are many

benefits to having a paperless workplace. One advantage

is that companies have the ability to greatly reduce the volume of paper that

they use. Not merely does this help the surroundings, it helps spend less within

the organization. Companies can also improve service through

implementing the paperless office. It is because communication is immediate

and will not get misplaced in a pile of papers on someone's table. A paperless office

can also save the company money. This could be seen in the exemplory case of Washington

Mutual Savings Bank of Seattle. The lender automated a lot more than one-hundred

different forms and estimates they are saving up to one million per


One disadvantage to

having a paperless business office may be the issue security.

How does a company ensure that only the eye the document is supposed for,


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