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 Essay regarding Bang and Ofulsen Circumstance - Potential Answers

François Baranne | September 14th 2010

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Circumstance Bang & Olufsen


It seems vital that you begin the case analysis having a evaluation with the company to be able to underline some of the key points to keep in mind for this case. Appreciated

First of all, we are able to say that Boom & Olufsen have developed, by using a differentiation by the design, a sustainable competitive advantage in the high-tech audiovisual market which have allowed the corporation to increase the willingness to pay from the customers. Normally, this option, the design-differentiation, should not possess last or perhaps generate this increase yet this is where B& G has been doing great by developing the look to the level of it is among the most core proficiency of the firm. Every function of B& O (supply chain, manufacturing/quality... ) gravitates around the design function. Hence, such as Toyota, B& O has succeeded to produced a operations-based strategy quite impossible to reproduce since based on a philosophy.

Secondly, it is interesting to note that B& U has tried to reach the past phase in the Sand Cone

The company, which in turn deliver a great quality (long product life span, handwork manufacturing), has a good flexibility (specialized workers, the use of top-technology by the anatomist department) and is relatively fast regarding usana products (delivery in 5 days, concentration from the resources, speeding up cycles), has become looking for cost-reduction. As we can see it in the documentation, the reduction in the number of personnel (which had surely helped to increase profits) and the societe of a new factory inside the Czech Republic have probably been decided in that perspective.


Now that we have identified what we consider as the key points of this case, it is time to take into account the critical problems B& Um is facing.

Concretely, B& U is a producer of high end audiovisual products with superb...