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According to wikipedia. org the meaning of being human is defined as ʺHuman nature identifies the specific characteristics, which include ways of thinking, feeling and acting that humans tend to have naturally, individually of the effect of lifestyle ʺ. People have a different claim on what human nature is really because we are all diverse and we all see being human as a distinct thing. Element of human nature is each individual having their own personality, opinion and reaction towards things. The Stanford jail experiment was performed so the people jogging it could make an effort to comprehend what human nature is usually. The purpose of the experiment was going to determine whether people are more influenced simply by an " evil” environment than their particular internal desire to do " good”. This kind of experiment demonstrated that good people can take under pressure and react to issues differently than they normally might. Resulting to the conclusion that environment seems to have an effect on human nature and action. Also ending that specialist seems too much overrules types internal prefer to do " good”. The experiment was supposed to manage for 14 days but due to certain events that occurred it ended early. What is good? Can we always carry out good? Why or perhaps you should? As humans we are allowed to be able to notify right from wrong and very good from awful but will that mean we all always do what's correct or can be good? Inside the Stanford penitentiary experiment this shows all of us that good persons can work differently beneath certain circumstances. Even though all of us intend to carry out good there are certain things which could twist the arm in to doing serves or declaring things we might normally hardly ever say or commit. What do we consider to be negative? Growing up we all will vary opinions of what we believe that to be incorrect and or poor. Some carry out wrong simply to do it which is something I am going to never understand fully. I'm sure individuals have reasons as to the reasons they do " bad”. Probably what I consider to be awful is not like their philosophy. It really will depend on...