Business presentation on the associated with Netflix as well as the economy Article

Business presentation on the associated with Netflix as well as the economy

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Hello and welcome to my analysis proposal on Netflix

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Netflix is an American provider of on-demand net streaming mass media. It was proven in 1997, Netflix's head office are in Los Gatos, California. Netflix started this subscription based digital distribution in 1999, by simply 2009 Netflix had 90, 000 headings to thier name To this day Netflix has forty-four million subscribers internationally Netflix В It is considered one of the most powerful startup firms of all time by market increased, revenue, growth, and social impact. Slide Three

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The investigation I wish to execute will involve extracting both qualitative and quantitative data. The investigation will also involve the use of both primary and secondary study. The research idea system I will use is Socio-cultural, this is because this involves equally social and cultural elements.

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What i am trying to find out using this method research is " To realise the effect of the streaming website Netflix on the film industry. Also to understand clients opinions for the service Netflix provides Slide six

Analysis method

The quantitative data will be received from completed questionnaires To get the Qualitative data, Declaration, in depth selection interviews and in person interviews is definitely the methods applied Slide several

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In my questionnaire, i'll employ both close-ended and open up ended questions. I will question 10 close ended inquiries, these are basic yes zero questions I quickly will inquire 5 wide open ended inquiries, which will need more descriptive answers. Every single questionnaire will probably be handed out simply by me, once the treatment is finished I will consider it back to set it in storage to be able to analyze this at a later date Let me use two pieces of conventional paper, one may have the close ended questions, and one will have the wide open ended. Close ended concerns will be matched. The Open-ended will be kept to be examined.

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