Case Study: Network Troubleshooting Essay

Example: Network Troubleshooting

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Network Troubleshooting Case Study

The following are four troubleshooting scenarios that symbolize typical social networking problems. Browse each one particular carefully. For every single question or perhaps activity that follows, write a 150-word response. Place your replies into a Microsoft® Word file, including the name of each circumstance.

Component 1: Fine-tuning a Connection Issue

Chris performs for a huge corporation which has several department offices inside the city. Operating as a accredited computer support technician, he must roam among the list of branch office buildings, solving laptop and network problems as they arise. Frank receives a call that a remote office is having network problems. If he arrives at the remote office, he is told that the network is straight down. This business office consists of several computers linked to a router, which is attached to a cable television modem.

Response the following problem: What are the first 3 things Philip should examine?

The three points I think Bob should examine is the computer systems, wireless router, and device. Since you will find 7 pcs that are every connected to a router and modem with no network on-line to either on feels like or maybe a concern with the router or modem. Making sure that almost all cables are securely set up and ac power cords will be plugged in, in the event that not connectivity try rebooting the router and device. Unplug the router 1st, and then unplug the device. Count to 10, then simply plug the modem in and then the router. Give them both instances to boot up and connect by observing the activity lighting. Then make an effort connecting online again on your desktop. At this point all of the lights must be on and he can have connection to the computer systems. If this does not resolve the situation I recommend Chris to connect among the computers straight to modem to get rid of the router. Reboot the modem once again and try to obtain online, whether it doesn't connect then it is the router. He must after that troubleshoot the router. With the...