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 Class in Australia Essay

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5. Marx: An individual's position inside class hierarchy > dependant on his/her part in the production procedure. Argues political/ideological consciousness depends upon class location. * Marx argues > distinct structure determined by wealth/education & ability within world but an overthrow of ruling class > working category (proletariats) can gain way up social flexibility > better society. * Class and class conflict in Australia, Kuhn and O'Lincoln address challenges of doing work class coming from an economic standpoint in relation to criminal offense, suggesting Australian working category, due to their status from delivery are more likely to end up in prison. " Working school crime is the most conspicuous as a result of relative powerlessness of person workers” (What Marx planned to effect and transform together with his manifesto through a communist revolution) * Weber: Believed school position > determined by individual's skills/education rather than by their romance to ways of production. Marx & Weber agreed sociable stratification was undesirable, on the other hand where Marx believed stratification would go away along with capitalism/private real estate. Weber consider solution lay in featuring " similar opportunity" within just competitive/capitalist system

* Economic Riches and Politics Power in Australia; Murray and Chesters Murray & Chester's analysis of upper strata Australian class hierarchy & how their wealth/power permits them to surpasse bounds of media/governmental effect addresses Weber's classist theory. Australian economics transformed as time passes – land > export products > multimedia > exclusive property (neoliberalism now) wealth/power is connected to media and government Rupert Murdoch invest his power behind Whitlam's labour political election – Whitlam refused to appoint Murdoch as Australia's High Commissioner in London so he applied his electrical power through the press to completely discredit Whitlam's placement * Elizabeth. P. Thompson:...