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Staff Assignment five – Chi town Southern Medical center

1 . Presuming you are definitely the analyst: describe what worries you may have relating to sampling based upon the 24/7 nature of a hospital environment and the different departments in a hospital. How would you style your sample plan to are the cause of this situation?

Rns need to be appointed across diverse departments including (emergency space, X-ray, lab facilities, expectant mothers ward, ICU, outpatient services unit) and a sample examine needs to be performed to study all their performance and the error rates in all these divisions. Nursing staff need to be rotated across departments and shifts to understand in case their performance is still the same or if there is a marked improvement or has deteriorated.

Post performing the above judgment, a sample study can be carried out on nurse's rate to perform housekeeping with their regular duties, error charge needs to be established and then tasks need to be given.

2 . How big must the sample receive Benton's presumptions of the mixture of nursing to housekeeping obligations?

n= required sample size

Z=Confidence level

P= estimate of idle amount

h= satisfactory error level


Z=1. 96 from table pertaining to 95% self-confidence level)


h= 4%

n sama dengan (zs/h)

= (1. 96*0. 15/0. 04)2

= (0. 294/0. 04)2

= (7. 35)2


Sample size must be fifty four consisting of housekeeping and registered nurse duties

2b) what if Benton revises his estimate and believes housekeeping really uses up 25% of a nurse time? n=? z=1. 96

P=0. 25 h=0. 04

n= (1. 96)2 0. 25(0. 75)/(0. 04)2

=3. 8416*0. 1875/0. 0016

= zero. 7203/0. 0016

=450. 18

Approx. 450

Soln: 400.00 will be test size to get Benton to revise in the event he is convinced the housekeeping takes 25% of nurses' time

2C) what is the sample size then?

n= 4(1. 7784)(1-1. 7784)/0. '04

= 7. 1136*0. 7784/0. 04

= 5. 5372/0. 04

= 138. 43

Approx. 138

138 is a sample size

3. How would Meredith randomize the observations considering the fact that...