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Donatello Art

Brief Biography profile and information about the life with the Sculptor Donatello The following biography information supplies basic details and information about the life and history of Donatello a popular Medieval figure of the Dark ages: Nationality: Italian language

Also Known as: Donato di Niccolo di Betto Bardi

Lifespan: 1386 - 1466

Date of Birth: He was born in 1386, the complete date of birth is definitely unknown Family connections: Having been the child of Nicolo di Betto Bardi, a wool service provider in Florence Career: Donatello was apprentice to Ghiberti in Florencia

One of his patrons was Cosimo sobre Medici.

Time of Loss of life: Donatello died on January 13, 1466

Successes or for what reason Donatello was famous: German sculptor with the early Renaissance period. Essentially the most well known works of art by Donatello incorporate David, Mary Magdalene, Pop-queen, Salome, Zuccone, St . Mark, St . Steve the Evangelist and St . George as well as the Dragon Donatello was a forerunner of humanistic expression and worked towards creating a approach to perspective Donatello produced sculptures in marbled, bronze, terracotta and solid wood Donatello was one of the first Renaissance artists thinking about the Traditional art and architecture of ancient Greece and The italian capital and became the first musician of the Renaissance to create a bare statue Donatello invented a technique known as acciaccato, or low relief, which will achieved effects of spatial depth

Donatello Artwork and Statuary work

The storyplot and resource of Donatello which contains interesting details, facts & the history about the life with this Medieval person of traditional importance. Donatello was greatly occupied with statuary job. Statuary was greatly popular by the Romans who created statues commemorating famous people or events.

Donatello Art - David by Donatello

The David simply by Donatello in Museo Nazionale del Bargello. Florence. The peak of the fermete statue of David by simply Donatello can be 158 cm. David was the chosen subject matter of the figurine as he had become a symbol of the Florentine...