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п»їEnglish Book Statement

Name: Ngai Hi Lin

Class: 5CW

Group: 5EN01

Name of book: Pride and Misjudgment

Author: Her Austen

Publisher: Black Feline Publishing

Intro of the author:

Jane Austen was an English novelist of romantic hype, which always set among the ended up gentry. The girl wrote six novels in total, including Feeling and Sensibility, В Pride and Prejudice, В Mansfield Park, В Emma, В Northanger AbbeyВ andВ Persuasion. We can generally see biting on irony and social commentary in her books, and the plots focus on the dependence of women in marriage for getting social position and economic security, which usually made her as one of the many widely-read copy writers in English literature and gained her historical importance among scholars and experts.


Pride and Prejudice uses the issues ofВ manners, upbringing, В morality, В education, andВ marriageВ in the society of theВ landed gentry. The storyplot is set by early 19th century, near the fictional town of Meryton inВ Hertfordshire in britain. The story starts with the news in theВ Bennet familyВ that Mister Bingley, a wealthy, charming young bachelors, is relocating their community. Mrs Bennet is a woman keen on obtaining rich partners for her five daughters.

The book centers upon Elizabeth Bennet, the second with the five children of Mr Bennet. By a ball they go to, Mr Bingley, contrasted together with his friend Mister Darcy as being more kind, is quickly well received, while Mr Darcy is rather asocial adding to make him self a poor impression on theВ landed gentryВ of Meryton by appearing excessive very pleased. Darcy slights Elizabeth, that has a tendency to guage on first sight, however , conducts himself towards her arrogantly and ungentlemanly. Elizabeth overhears partВ ofВ theВ landed gentry'sВ conversation and comedies about Darcy which attained her negative feelings and prejudice against him. In addition , her good friend slander Darcy's identity to expand her dislike of Darcy.

On the other hand, Darcy finds that he could be in love with her. After a failure to confess love intended for Elizabeth and begs her hand in matrimony, Darcy changes his attitude towards the others and responds with a notification to her providing an good accounts of his actions. Surprisingly, when At the visit Darcy's estate some months after, he is gracious and inviting, which makes her begins to ponder whether this lady has misjudged him. Finally, Elizabeth and Darcy's relationship is determined when Darcy overcomes his pride, and Elizabeth prevails over her bias. They modify their feelings to each other through better associate, leading them both to fall in love with each other at the conclusion of the tale.


The content of the publication is similar to each of our life, we could always understand some knowledge alike. Everybody make such kind of mistakes, we easily judge people by first impression and criticize the others or praise themselves, doesn't it? At the time, issues then easily come out as a result. The publication is discussing this being human, that so why it is deserve reading.

Pride and prejudice happen to be two significant drawbacks that usually exist in people's brain. I would certainly not deny that it must be really hard for people to clear these two big devils away from the mind completely, similar to the two main heroes in the book. Whenever they first achieved, Darcy makes a less favorable impression penalized over pleased on someones mind, this causes At the have misjudgment against him due to the first sight and overhearing the others, and decides to hold arm's length to him immediately.

I like one of many famous content in the book---'after a pairs of person has the misjudgment, then is unable fairly to judge the matter the result'. These kinds of pride and prejudice will cause us to be inability to know other people really and deeply. In fact , it is not difficult to be friends with the others, everything can happen as a result of " love”. What a great relationship requirements are genuineness and sincereness simply. A single will be willing to get along very well with you if he or she...