history of breastfeeding in nigeria and united states of america Essay

history of nursing in nigeria and united states of america


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According to Nursing and Midwifery Council  of Nigeria (2005), the thorough history of a profession that combines scientific theory, technical skills  and personal  comparison can't be precisely passed in but data hold that nursing came to limelight in  1854  when  the mother of professional nursing, Florence Nightingale started the battlefield with other  38  nurses and cared for the sick and injured men  during the Crimean war in the uk.  Here determination dedicated providers, day and night, experiences  paid off by looking into making her popular and  recognized as  a lady� with lamp. Her metric assistance resulted for the beginning of professional medical. � Nevertheless, nursing in the early days was primarily a family matter with mothers caring  for their own families or perhaps neighbors   assisting the other person. In 1880, the status of medical was tremendously improved and a lot of women including   religious order were now involved with patients care. During the era, there are many college of   nursing  for qualified nurse during Europe together with the first school established in  1836  by parker  Theorder Fliedner in his parisn in Kavesworth Germany throughout the influence of Florence Nightingale the Kareworth school. In the year of 1882, came the first motion for the recognition and enrollment of health professional. International physique were created Emirgare Royal Births Nurses Council  of nurses established in 1893  and international authorities of registered nurse was established with headquarters in Geneva, Swiss and twigs all  over the earth. Also in 1926,   the British college of rns was founded. The first Black graduate nurse, Mary Elizabeth. Mahoney, who promoted the use and better working state, for dark patients and healthcare staff. Though medical came to Nigerian through the English colonial expert. They presented services and medical care for wounded military at the on with clinic later   the first nursing house in Nigeria in Jericho, Ibadan by...