Essay about Illegitimate Pregnancy in Malaysia

Illegitimate Pregnancy in Malaysia

Title: Illegitimate Pregnancy

Problem statement

In line with the Reproductive Legal rights Advocacy Bijou of Malaysia (RRAAM), " Illegitimate pregnancy is certainly not socially appropriate due to society's religious view. ”

Illegitimacy is not just a widely used word today, and young people may not even recognize it as a great insult. The definition of designated unmarried mothers, unmarried fathers, and their unlucky children as deviants. All had been called " illegitimate, ” and illegitimate children had been sometimes also called as " bastards. ” Being a label, illegitimacy described all their collective status as outcasts who were officially and socially inferior to members of legitimate people headed simply by married couples.  Young people are certainly not included in countrywide demographic and health online surveys. Due to faith based and personal reasons, it is not acknowledged that more youth have become sexually active before marital life. According to the National Population and Family Creation Board, within a survey between secondary institution students, although only installment payments on your 4% confessed to have got sex, twenty. 7% with the respondents stated they knew of close friends who had premarital sex, twenty one. 2% recognized of good friends who had bogus pregnancies and 10% acquired friends who undergone abortions. Women and ladies becoming pregnant through incest and rape can be on the rise in Malaysia. In 2006, there were a couple of, 431 information of rapes compared to 1, 479 in 2003 (statistics, Royal Malaysian Police). It truly is estimated globally that only 10% of all afeitado incidents are reported because of stigma and fear and so the incidence is a lot higher. While marital afeitado is not acknowledged, the figure excludes married women who are raped. Although unexpected emergency contraception (Postinor) is available from private health sector doctors and pharmacies, it is not well known nor used to prevent undesired pregnancies.

Study Questions

1 ) What are society's opinions about illegitimate pregnancy? 2 . Just how illegitimate pregnancy does happen?

three or more. How bogus pregnancy affects culture?...