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Analysis and Recommendations:

1 . Initial, management should establish marketing/sales objectives which are consistent with the company strategy of " devices selling. ” Currently, the sales force sees its long lasting objectives just in terms of elevating individual revenue revenues to a million us dollars. This target could conveniently conflict together with the goal of selling the " program. ” Because of the compensation prepare, the sales rep is encouraged to pay attention to selling particular high perimeter items, rather than concentrating on the customers' general needs. A single alternative will be to work toward the goal of consumer profit improvement via the anatomy's contributions to lowering costs or increasing revenues. Of course , meeting customer needs should also lead to attaining company goals.

2 . Management must consider the chance that the salespeople currently for the payroll might not have the functions necessary to put into practice the systems selling approach. The part and functions of the sales rep under the new strategy should be defined and present people evaluated to ascertain if they may have the ordonnance and abilities required for performing the new syndication strategy.

several. The company should consider a settlement plan which offers a salary plus commission. The commission, or a part of the commission payment, should be tied to the sale of " the system. ” Perhaps during this transitional period, an additional commission could possibly be paid upon all of those orders which are put through the system. Additionally , the Johnson Business should consider paying out part of the salesperson's expenses. Beneath this type of strategy, the company may exercise more control over the salesperson in the field, directing his efforts toward those activities which even more company desired goals. Greater emphasis could be positioned on the nonselling functions just like customer service and management asking.

At the same time, the analysis of the sales agents should reflect the...