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Sarah Dessen, a New You are able to Times best selling author, has brought numerous prizes for her small adult books. Her plots usually involve young love, friendship and/or family. Different books written by Sarah contain Just Pay attention, Someone As if you, The Truth About Forever and Dreamland. Dessen intelligently incorporates the title into every story. For instance , in Secure and Essential, the main figure Ruby, often wears an important necklace. In addition, she throws characters and options from every one of her distinct books into each other nonchalantly. Dessen provides a unique style which makes her such an excellent author. The moment opening the book to the first webpage, there is a scene that will take place later available. Already, two characters are introduced in that preview and it makes the reader fascinated and curious. When read more, one understands Ruby, the protagonist, will move in with her elderly sister Cora and Cora's fiancГ© Jamie after the homeowners discover Ruby's secret. She has to adapt to a completely different lifestyle, heading from getting independent and living in an unhealthy town to using a real relatives in a rich area. The first evening, she attempts to sneak out of the home, yet is ended by her neighbor Nate. He is a huge component to Ruby's transition, and the main reason for what reason she stays on. During her transition coming from living exclusively to her fresh living agreement with Cora, she was very reluctant and not comfortable about the situation. However , Cora and Jamie would the best they could to generate her incredibly welcomed by providing her support and love. A major celebration is the moment Ruby had a project in which she were required to define the word family. With Ruby's childhood, family was clearly not really her area of expertise. In the end, the lady realized our family is several, not one family is perfect and no one collection definition. " Family isn't something that is supposed to be...