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 Essay about Marijuana Legalization

Thesis Assertion: The legalization of pot in the U. S. might drastically lessen crime inside our cities and form a much more productive society through it is positive uses.

II. The concentration on governmental spending to enforce cannabis laws. A. Examples of government spending.

B. Solution to the governmental spending.

C. Sources on spending.

D. Quotations concerning over spending.

Electronic. In-depth description about spending.

V. The standard information with regards to marijuana.

A. Origin of marijuana.

W. Active ingredient in the plant.

C. Researched evidence concerning the addictive powers of marijuana. D. The plant's harmful attributes concerning women that are pregnant. VI. Marijuana's positive influences on medicine.

A. Quotation of marijuana's effectiveness.

B. Records of accounts and research done to test marijuana's efficiency. C. The proposal to legalize pot for medical research in San Diego. VII. Closing arguments for the legalization of marijuana.

A. Restatement of thesis.

N. Comparing and contrasting alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana. C. Summary pertaining to the maneuver toward legalization of the herb.

The word " marijuana" offers risen a concerned eyebrow in almost every American home today. Those that are at odds of legalizing the use of the plant immediately believe the use is to smoke it, but those that do not decide on marijuana are usually in favor of keeping it against the law. Opposing views on the subject of decriminalizing the plant has triggered much controversy over the past 20 years and still continues to be an important concern. The legalization of weed in the U . s would substantially reduce criminal offense in our metropolitan areas and contact form a more productive society through its positive uses. Federal government spending is the major basis for the many People in america that are driving for the legalization of pot. The National Clearinghouse on Smoking and Health states, " The federal government...