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MGT 230

Leadership and Organization

Project 2

1 ) Explain the role of every of the five components of Mintzberg's " logo” (write the explanations employing your own words and phrases –don't just copy the descriptions verbatim from the text message or additional source). a. strategic top

b. technostructure

c. support staff

d. middle series

e. operating core

Mintzberg came up with the idea of the five basic regions of organization, which includes the operating core, the strategic apex, the middle range, the technostructure, and the support staff. Mintzberg divided agencies into two different groupings. At the very top, was the hierarchy, which in turn forms the strategic top. Those that happen to be below the proper apex make up the middle line. To the left of them is the technostructure. To the other side, is placed the support staff. Every part of the organization has a responsibility, as follows: The strategic top – Here lies the chief officer or top-level managers. Also included are secretaries and assistants. The technostructure – the analysts and assisting clerical staff serve the corporation by affecting the work more. They are only effective when analytical methods are required to improve work performance. The support personnel – present support for the organization outside the operating work circulation and they can be found at various levels of the organization The center line – this is considered the operating key that works numerous tasks in the movement of direct supervision. The operating primary – executes the basic work related right to the production of goods. They protected the advices of output, transform inputs into outputs, distribute the outputs, and offer direct support to the type.

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