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Ralitsa Hadzhistoyanova

Dr . Donna Marie Gould, SBS

The english language 2010 Community Literature I actually

24 The fall of 2014


Great evening ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the show " History Legends”. As you know this evening is a exceptional night, mainly because we commemorate the 21st anniversary of the show. For such a unique night, we really need very exceptional guests too, so please, fully stand up and pleasant the greatest heroes of Ancient greek mythology, who also inspired lots of people throughout the world and time -- Gilgamesh through the Epic of Gilgamesh and Achilles from Iliad. Tonight, they are going to disclose secrets by no means heard ahead of and change the perception of life permanently. It is amazing how the testimonies you will listen to, happened so far back in the past are applicable for our your life today. Host: Hello Gilgamesh and Achilles. You look amazing tonight. How do you feel? Gilgamesh: Superb!

Achilles: A little old, yet good!

Host: How will you like the chair? Is it comfy enough for you? Gilgamesh: Well, my pickup bed in Uruk was far better, but I can survive on that instructor for an hour or so. Achilles: It's better than sitting down on the floor.

Sponsor: You are funny! Let me ask being changed next time you arrive. Ok. Discussing start with crucial part at this point. Gilgamesh, Achilles, you know that you are the most famous heroes ever, and all the people around the world who are viewing you now have read your stories in the books " The Impressive of Gilgamesh” and " Iliad”. We all know what happened within your lives and the descriptions of the journeys. How exactly does it experience to be still known by simply everybody for over 2, 500 years and be still the highest heroes ever? Gilgamesh: In all honesty, I never expected that my story will live for way too long, and I actually appreciate it. When I see all people's confronts who will be watching me now and admire me personally even more than my persons in Uruk, the feeling is merely amazing. This cannot be described with words and phrases. Achilles: That i knew that I was going to be remembered forever, since that was my lives, but We never awaited that the people were going to like me much. Before We came to your show, many individuals wanted to require a picture beside me and to observe me. We felt like I was some take star. Web host: Gilgamesh, how can you describe your self before you went on your first journey? Gilgamesh: I had been really different than the person My spouse and i am at this point in a negative way. " When the gods created [me] they offered [me] a perfect body. Shamash the glorious sunlight endowed [me] with beauty, Adad the god from the storm gifted [me] with courage, the truly great gods made [my] magnificence perfect, surpassing all others, horrifying like a wonderful wild bull. Two thirds they made [me] god and one third man”(61). Unfortunately these kinds of amazing features the gods gave me, My spouse and i didn't utilize the right method. I was the king of Uruk, but at that time of my life, We didn't really understand the which means of the term king. Full usually calls being a shepherd to the people, yet instead of performing that I was sleeping with people's birdes-to-be and didn't think about anyone, but me personally. I was actually arrogant, and I thought that I was a better man than everybody else on the planet. I used to be showing my own arrogance in every way possible, which put a large wall between me and my people, instead of using a kinship since the real california king should have with them (Nortwick 32). Because of my trips though, My spouse and i changed significantly. Host: What about you Achilles?

Achilles: I used to be something similar to Gilgamesh. With the difference that I was a much greater soldier and without having doubt I can defeat Gilgamesh. I am partly our god, partly human. When I was a little child my mom Thetis dipped me personally in the Lake Styx which made me invulnerable. Having these kinds of a great electrical power, made me pompous and I has not been listening to any individual, but me personally. Most of the warriors at that time struggled for their nation and california king, but My spouse and i didn't love these things. My own pride was very powerful and all of my personal actions had been in order to safeguard it. I remember, Agamemnon harm my...

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