Multimedia Devices Essay

Multimedia Systems

Multimedia system IGDS MSc Exam 1999 Setter: ADM Checker: OFR Time Allowed: 2 Hours Answer 3 Inquiries out of 4 Every Question Provides 24 Markings

1 . (a) What is intended by the terms Multimedia and Hypermedia? Distinguish between these two principles. [2] (b) What is intended by the terms static media and energetic media? Give examples of each kind of media. [4] (c) What types of functionality need to be supplied in order to efficiently use a wide array of media in Multimedia applications. Your solution should briefly address just how such features can be facilitated in general Multimedia system applications. [8] (d) Different types of media requires different types of promoting operations to supply the adequate amounts of functionality. Intended for the examples of static and dynamic media given in portion 1(b) briefly discuss what operations happen to be needed to support a wide range of multi-media applications. [10]

2 .

(a) Why is file or data compression necessary for Multimedia activities? [2]

(b) Briefly describe how the Discrete Cosine Convert Operates, and why is it essential in info compression in Multimedia applications [10] (c) A Simple Transform Encoding procedure maybe defined by the next steps for a 2x2 block of grayscale pixels: 1 . Take leading left pixel as the bottom value for the block, pixel A. 2 . Determine three various other transformed values by taking the between these kinds of (respective) px and cote A, we. e. B-A, C-A, D-A. 3. Retail outlet the base pixel and the distinctions as the values with the transform. Given the above change: (i) (ii) What is the inverse convert? [2] Just how may this kind of a convert scheme provide to reduce data?


[3] Demonstrate how you would encode and compress the following image prevent: 10 15 20 12-15 20 twenty-five 25 20 20 12-15 10 15 25 twenty 20 twenty-five


[4] Why is this scheme not too suitable for general image compression? [3]

3 (a) Exactly what are the major elements when considering storage requirements to get Multimedia Systems? [4] (b) What is REZZOU technology...