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Organizational Conflict has been identified in different approach by distinct writers. The common key words which are used in these definitions are stress, incongruence, incompatibility and mismatch. There are six levels of conflict: Intra-individual conflict, Inter-individual conflict, Intra-group issue, Inter-group conflict, Intra-organizational issue and Inter-organizational conflict. Another organizational concept is the " Organizational Commitment". The four approaches to study and contemplate OC will be: Attitudinal procedure, Behavioral approach, normative approach and Multidimensional approach. This kind of paper concentrates on the intra-individual conflict level. The three elements of intra-individual conflict will be: Frustration, Goal conflict and Role turmoil. Frustration takes place when people prevented coming from doing a wanted action or achieving a certain goal. Goal conflict features three types: Approach-approach discord, Avoidance-avoidance issue and Approach-avoidance conflict. Aim Conflict occurs when individuals face the selection between contradictory goals. Role conflict happens when individuals face diverse expectations by different functions. It has three main elements: Work function, Family role and societal role. This paper investigates the human relationships between intra-individual conflict and organizational determination in Sudan by surveying 1000 workers. Data were collected from two supervision levels (out of three), middle and lower managing. The study is using Porter ou al. is actually scale of OCQ to measure organizational commitment, the unidimensional scale. Results shows that the three factors of intra-individual conflict which have been significantly related to commitment happen to be: role issue, goal conflict and disappointment. These elements found to become negatively connected with organizational determination. Role issue plays a significant role in affecting employees' commitment. Is it doesn't most important factor of intra-individual turmoil in impacting on...