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 Overview of the band, D?L KO Essay

Kalin and Myles

Hey, i'm mj, and I'm going to bring in 2 performers from the these types of, Kalin White colored and Myles Parrish also called KAM. Kalin was born in January 4th, he has a loving mother and just a little sister. Everybody calls his mom mother Starla, and she got Kalin at a very young age. Myles came to be on March 1st, much of the fan base telephone calls him YBM (your son Myles) because of twitter and Instagram. He also has slightly brother John but they call him JakeeyP because of facebook and Instagram. Jake can be their DJ, so this individual also plays an important part. Myles and Jake also have a very loving supportive mom. They have their own YouTube funnel with many that belongs to them songs. Just lately their most recent song " Chase Dreams” was released online along with its video, which includes about 24, 000 landscapes. They also have a new EP released, which is just like a mini project, being released upon Itunes at nighttime on December 2nd. Earlier this summer that they went on a tour with Megan and Liz, and it was a huge success. They are hosting the triple HO show for 99. six on Dec 3rd. Then they will carry out at the Jingle Ball 2013 on December 21st with many other vocalists. However all their biggest live show is coming up on December 13th, referred to as Crazy For Xmas. It's not just a Christmas concert really, nevertheless it's mare like a holiday live show, although they avoid play any kind of Christmas music, it's all mostly their new tunes and some of their old music. The live concert is being organised at Regency Ballroom in San Francisco. The concert isn't by car seats it's a initial come first serve sort of issue. Regular entry pass add up to regarding 36 dollars. However they also had VIP tickets, in support of 5 american platinum eagle tickets. The VIP was also very limited because they were sold out in the first 5 minutes. There are still regular tickets readily available but they are practically sold out. Kalin, Myles and Jake have another close friend Tyler Garcia, or Ty. He is the one who shoots them and all of their very own music videos and it is really close with these people. Everyone...