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Building, implementing and updating functionality measurement systems University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK University or college of Northumbria, Newcastle, UK University of Cranfield, Cranfield, UK, and University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK Keywords Performance measurement, Implementation, Positioning, Strategic management Abstract This kind of paper address issues met when designing, putting into action, using and continuously updating performance way of measuring systems that manufactures companies. The paper grows, from theory, a construction for analysing the setup of a functionality measurement system and uses this framework to interpret three longitudinal case research. The paper concludes that specific operations are required to constantly align the performance measurement system with strategy. When these operations are put together with a well identified model of strategic success, the measurement program can improve the strategic management process by simply challenging the assumptions and the strategy by itself.

Mike Bourne, John Mills Mark Wilcox Andy Neely Ken Platts

Introduction There is certainly currently extensive interest in efficiency measurement. Managing interest could be gauged from your high amounts of attendance in the large number of industrial conferences about them. Academic interest is reveal through the substantial number of documents on the theme (Neely, 1999). But this kind of interest can be not fresh. In the late 1972s and eighties, authors portrayed a general dissatisfaction with classic backward looking accounting based performance measurement systems, determining their flaws and quarrelling for modify. In the late 1980s and early on 1990s, this dissatisfaction generated the development of ``balanced'' or ``multi-dimensional'' performance dimension frameworks. These types of new frameworks placed focus on nonfinancial, external and future looking efficiency measures. These were then quickly followed by the development of management operations specifically This paper was produced through the research project В± Manufacturing Strategy and Performance Way of measuring В± that was sponsored by CDP area of EPSRC underneath grant numbers GR/K53086 and GR/L18655. Acceptance must be designed to the others who have participated in this phase in the testing. They were, from the University of Cambridge, Huw Richards, from Buckingham University, Steve Bicheno, coming from University of Luton, David Hamblin, by Thames Pit University, David Barnes, from Middlesex University or college, Raj Gill and coming from De Montfort University, Outspoken Rowbotham.

Foreign Journal of Operations & Production Managing, Vol. twenty No . several, 2000, pp. 754-771. # MCB University or college Press, 0144-3577

designed to give practising managers the tools to produce or redesign their functionality measurement system. The result has been the publication of different balanced efficiency measurement frames and suggested management techniques for the design of performance way of measuring systems. Just like be seen to sum up, most of the most recent academic literary works and specialist activity features focused on the early stages from the development of the performance way of measuring system, the conceptual frames and operations for creating the overall performance measures. There are few longitudinal studies with the implementation and continuous changing of performance measurement devices, the subject of this paper. The paper starts with a brief review of the academic literature, covering the main criticisms levelled by traditional efficiency measures, the balanced functionality measurement frameworks and printed performance measurement design techniques. The paper then procedes develop a assumptive framework which in turn categorises and describes the steps an enterprise goes through when you use a managing process to build up a performance measurement system. This structure extends from your design procedures into...

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