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 Political Dynasty Essay

The presence of Political Dynasty

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Keziah Jael Concepcion C. Aguirre


April five, 2013

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The presence of Political Dynasty


Politics covers many aspects, especially the law as well as the goverment. Up to now, many are aspiring to provide the country especially when an established identity is a member of a political empire. Political dynasty is a constant governance of members of the same clan. In accordance to Querubin (2011), it is additionally a form of elite persistence. Personal dynasties must be forbidded in order to stop the rampant personal and distinct self-interests. The presence of political empire is prohibited according to Article II, Section 26 of the 1987 Philippine Metabolism. " The State shall guaratee equal acess to opportunities for public service and prohibit political dynasties as may be defined by law. ” Politicians in particular those who happen to be connected with politics elites hold positions to enable them to acquire more benefits. " Local national politics is explicity treated because an area of ‘family company ”. Also in press, political dynasty is still controversial for others mainly because other contenders who want to provide the people genuinely have no possibility of winning any more due to the fact that

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ordinary people will merely pick a candidate who is an item of dynastic clan. This will likely lead to graft and data corruption. One aspect might occur in this country's political concerns is that teams are making laws and projects just to support their own daily activities. In 2013 Elections, there are many family labels that one can differentiate through their old friends and family backgrounds specifically: Magsaysay, Angara, Estrada, Aguino, Binay, Villar and many more. Body system

" Gift of money has traditionally been one of the most important ways political market leaders achieved power. ” Instead of serving the country sincerely, associates of the politics clans are likely to preserve prosperity and make use of them for their personal sake. Effective clans managing authority and riches in order to manipulate country's phase and and as a result, it is garned by simply government's site. Also, political and individual benefits will be raised in poltical lignage. In the presence of politics dynasty, nepotism is being marketed. Nepotism may be the favoritism in the relatives. Dynastic politicians can inherit a poltical capital. By this, it can lead to graft and data corruption. Graft and corruption happen to be two of one of the most trending topics in the world of governmental policies. It is primarily the root from the unending living of politics kingdoms.


The turnover of elective positions preserve dynasties. At some point, political kingdoms cause the a shortage of genuine democracy. As a result, socioeconomic outcomes are influenced by the uncontrolled political dynasties. People are prevented from seeking help specifically their necessities to the political figures. In addition to that, there are a few biased actions within the authorities by the existence of the personal dynasties. Politics inequality reephasizes the unequal distribution of political electrical power. This will limit other prospects that has more capability to keep positions. Though a particular applicant has a ability to serve the country and yet that individual is monetarily disadvantaged, politics dynasts continue to become more strong than expected. Aside from the preliminary support via friends during campaign period, relatives are supportive with regards to releasing of advertisements in televisions, pamphlets, flyers and etcetera. In choosing general public servants, a candidate must have rightful skills. All those skills has to be useful for the greater developments of the nation. Furthermore, by means of relatives connections, get together elites are able to afford strategies. These strategies may be benefitial or perhaps sometimes, a threat to other candidates and celebrations that will cause black propagandas to each other. a few

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