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IB 0011/MK 0018 International Marketing

Contents Device 1 Summary of International Advertising Unit a couple of International Marketing Environment Product 3 International Trade Environment Unit four International Market Entry Tactics Unit 5 International Marketing Research Device 6 Intercontinental Product Policy and Organizing Unit several International Prices Policy Unit 8 International Distribution and Logistics Planning Edition: Planting season 2010 BKID – B1199 12 By. 2011





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Unit on the lookout for International Promotional Strategies Device 10 Overseas Markets and Export Marketing Process Product 11 Export Marketing Paperwork Unit doze Foreign Trade Policy Product 13 Details Related Laws and regulations Unit 18 The Patents Act Product 15 The Copyright Act Acknowledgements, References & Recommended Readings 306 286 267 247 226 210 189 168

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: Spring 2010: January 2011

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Worldwide Marketing (IB 0011/MK 0018) In view of the fast growing Indian economic system, International Promoting has become the most effective growing discipline of education as it has the potential for excellent career in both Indian and International Business Enterprises. This course is a thorough textual material for foreign studies and has a convenient reference pertaining to the students deciding on international promoting in the quickly changing foreign business environment of globalisation. This course has been prepared keeping in view the existing global economic scenario that is certainly changing fast. This course splashes upon the aspects of international marketing and trading environment and can help you get familiar with various market entry strategies. It is very important for virtually any business getting into the worldwide arena, to conduct comprehensive market research. The process of international researching the market is given along with other related problems to give you a basic understanding of the topic. This course as well covers, in substantial depth, the intercontinental marketing combine, i. electronic. international merchandise planning, charges, distribution and logistics and promotional strategies. There are different concepts in international marketing that likewise require focus like understanding of foreign market segments, knowledge of foreign trade documentation, understanding of foreign transact policy, understanding of everchanging forex trading rates and foreign currency principles. All these will be dealt with, with this course to give you the...