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 Investment Bank in Bangladesh Essay


It was a great enjoyment to prepare task management on the numerous aspects and operations. We wish to thank and present my gratitude to reputable teacher, Munir chowdhury, Mature Lecturer, Faculty of Organization Administration, intended for instruct me to prepare this kind of project and we would love to express my own sincere appreciation to him for his wholehearted support and direction.

Thanks him from the core of our Cardiovascular.


Importance of financial system within a country is definitely increasing daily. It is quite extremely hard for any nation to develop in industrial and commercial sector without appear banking system in contemporary economic age. Merchant Financial performance is one of the significant features of the bank. It takes on a vital role in overall overall economy of the country. Bank gathers information via numerous options relating to expense and earnings from Product owner Banking operation. Banks is the intermediary of Merchant banking activities.

The positive effect of national economies has given a boost to international control. The seller and the buyer within an international trading transaction must agree for price goes in into a sales contract. The impact on trade transactions currency policies of the merchant banking countries and risks associated with them.


* To present a project of Merchant Financial System of Trust Bank Ltd. * To be aware of overall actions of the Merchant banking split. * To evaluate Merchant bank performance with the Trust Financial institution Ltd. 2. To evaluate the success of Merchant banking operations of Trust Financial institution.


For preparing this conventional paper, we used both Supplementary and Primary info as follows:

5. Collection of Primary Data:

Many of the info and data were accumulated from my own practical experience and queries from your Trust Financial institution Ltd. Information and data regarding overview of the TBL, interest rates & charges, efficiency measurement in Merchant Banking etc . had been collected using this source.

* Variety of Secondary Data:

Data about the Merchant Banking of The Trust Bank Ltd. were gathered from secondary sources just like: Annual Reviews, Manuals and Publication in the Trust Financial institution Ltd., Reports paper and so forth were the major sources of supplementary data.

Background of Trust Lender Limited

Trust Bank Limited is one of the leading private industrial banks having a spread network of forty-five branches and 5 SME center throughout Bangladesh and plans to spread out few even more branches to pay the important business areas in Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet and also other areas in 2010. The bank, paid by the Armed service Welfare Trust (AWT), is first of its kind in the area. В With a variety of modern corporate and consumer financial products Trust Bank continues to be operating in Bangladesh since 99 and provides achieved public confidence being a sound and stable bank.

In 2001, your bank introduced automated branch banking system to increase efficiency and improve customer support. В Back in 2005, your bank moved a single step further and launched ATM providers for its buyers. Since bank's business amount increased over the years and the needs of the clients enlarged in manifold, our technology has been upgraded to handle the growth of the bank and meet the requirements of our consumers. В

In January 3 years ago, Trust Traditional bank successfully released Online Bank Services which in turn facilitate Virtually any Branch Financial, ATM Bank, Phone Financial, SMS Bank, & Internet Banking to all customers. В Customers can now deposit or perhaps withdraw money from virtually any Branch of Trust Bank countrywide without needing to open multiple accounts in multiple Branches. Via Online Companies and Australian visa Electron (Debit Card), ATMs now allow customers to retrieve all through hours Account information such as balance checkup through mini-statements and cash withdrawals.

Trust Financial institution has effectively introduced Visa for australia Credit Cards to serve really existing and potential highly valued...