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Chapter 1Regulation of normal water content

Physical exercise

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8aUrea is a nitrogenous compound manufactured from deamination of excess proteins in lean meats. 1m

Urine is a the liquid containing water, salts, urea and other undesired substances. It is produced after ultrafiltration and reabsorption inside the kidney. 1m bPlasma is the liquid part of blood. It includes water and substances including glucose, proteins, salts, urea and plasma proteins. 1m Glomerular filter is the fluid that is blocked out of the glomerulus into the Bowman's capsule. Its composition is comparable to plasma, besides there are no plasma aminoacids. 1m

cExcretion is the means of removal of metabolic waste through the body. 1m Osmoregulation is a regulation of drinking water content in relation to the amount of salts in the body. 1m


tad is to maintain the diffusion gradient between the bloodstream and the dialysis fluid. 1m

cIt is to prevent illness / contaminants of the blood vessels / your body system. 1m

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10HKCEE Man Biology june 2006 I Q4a

11HKCEE Biology 2006 My spouse and i Q9a

(a) (i) 6566. 7%1

(ii)The urea content material in urine is much higher because a massive amount water can be reabsorbed/the sum of drinking water reabsorbed over the kidney tubule is relatively much larger than regarding urea1

(b)The water content of glomerular filtrate can be greater than regarding the plasma1

mainly because protein is too large to pass the wall membrane of the glomerulus and

that of the Bowman's capsule1

The portion of drinking water in the glomerular filtrate as a result increase1

(c)The person are unable to produce sufficient insulin1

to stimulate liver organ cells to convert sugar into glycogen1

The level of sugar in the bloodstream may become so high/exceed the threshold benefit 1

that glucose may not be completely reabsorbed in the renal

As a result it appears inside the urine1