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Religion in Africa

Across the world, many beliefs exist and they are found in the everyday lives of lots of people. These beliefs have many cultural influences on the life of a person nevertheless also have impact on on the government bodies that control countries. Faith is also a crucial look at the good a land and gives a quick look into how and why a country is manage the way it is. In The african continent, religion performs a tremendous position in day-to-day lifestyles. Three main types of religion in Africa are Christianity, Islam, and the classic religions used by the tribes across Africa.

Christianity in Africa first began during the colonial periods of Africa. When the colonialist premoere appearance in Africa, their goal was to modernize the people of Africa. A good way they did this is by changing the tribesmen to Christianity. The goal of converting the tribe's people was to get as many converts as is possible. The reason that they can wanted to convert the Africans to Christianity was due to the fact that the colonialists labeled the African classic religions while " pagan” and thought that all it manufactured the Africans look uncivilized (Weaving Faith into Development). Many Africans ended up converting to Christianity because that they could connect it with their old traditional religion. For example , in some aged African beliefs, they seen water as being a symbol of life (Winder). In Christianity, water is used during baptism to cleanse the sins and to make sure that you live an excellent life. The Africans were able to understand the healings that Christ did when he was with your life. Due to the healers in the Photography equipment villages, these people were able to figure out Christianity as well as the healing practices that Christ performed. So many Africans could actually convert to Christianity with very little problem.

In today's world, many Africans are still switching to Christianity, in 85 the average price to come to be Christianity in South Africa was...

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