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 Siddhartha plus the Alchemist evaluation essay


Every individual's life is a journey. There are different stages in life that you goes through and by experiencing these types of different levels of your life one becomes wiser. In the novel,  Siddhartha and The Alchemist the protagonist Siddhartha and Santiago both proceed through man several stages is obviously which produced them develop, learn and transform in wiser persons. Both protagonists go on a journey which is at some point the same nevertheless the purpose of journey is different. Similarly, both leading part struggles through their journey to become a wiser people. Yet , the end result intended for both protagonists was the same which is learning about themselves.     � Both the daddy discourages them for going out of their house and going on their very own journey. Siddhartha the leading part in Siddhartha is the kid of the respectable and richest Brahmin. Nevertheless he is unhappy even though this individual has every thing he would ever be able to ask for. Siddhartha realized that he made everyone else cheerful but that he himself wasn't. He also got the sensation that he had already learned the best of what his teachers was required to teach but it still was not enough. This individual still wasn't satisfied.  " Tomorrow morning, my friend Siddhartha is going to sign up for the Samanas. He is going to become Samana” (Hesse, 9).. Samanas are monks who have go around pleading for foodstuff and they are known for their spirituality. Siddhartha thinks of joining the Samanas when he wanted to turn into spiritually knowledgeable and eliminate the " self”, which is a feeling of avarice and jealousy. But before he could go join Samanas he must go ask his father's permission to let him move. When Siddhartha goes to find his father to ask for agreement his father was unsatisfied with Siddhartha's decision as they wanted Siddhartha to stay house, take care of the property as well as control the Brahmins position. Nevertheless however , Siddhartha was not ready to...