Teenagers View on Gay Matrimony Essay

Teenagers Approach to Gay Relationship

Same sexual marriage. It's not problem of whether you approve of gays or not. It's the issue of your values. I are not a particularly strong person of faith but when it comes down to it, I'm a Christian and i also will follow the actual Bible informs me and the Bible tells me that marriage is usually between a person, a woman, and Himself. Notice that man and man or woman and woman usually are mentioned in that formula. Persons think that really silly to base the beliefs from religion yet isn't that what we are meant to base each of our beliefs away from? We, as being a society, have tried very hard to separate faith from everyday routine, that we your investment meaning lurking behind our actions. We are failing to remember the root base in which we all came from. All of us act like a lot of heathens. I understand we have to draw the line anywhere, we are, all things considered, a land where you can practice whatever idea you wish freely yet allowing a gay couple to make the promises that are designed for a heterosexual couple as of God is just wrong to me. I have gay good friends and I understand how strongly they believe in their legal rights but relationship isn't something that should be in the mix. We don't possibly think marriage is a govt decision, to be truthful. Only Our god can identify a marriage, not a government. Personally speaking, every couple should get a city union issued from the govt that entitles you to the standard rights of a marriage right now, like showing medical insurance or perhaps hospital appointments. That would be that, and everyone would have equal rights. But if a man and woman need to get married in God's brand they can check out a church and have to be wedded. After all those vows they might be man and wife. Basic. Yet, I understand there will be individuals who still usually are happy. What these people don't know is that this is an issue that they can't modify. It is the phrase of Our god and The lord's will can be final.

I realize a lot of people refuses to like what I am stating but that may be what makes this kind of an opinion, the fact that not everybody will go along with me. In search of the...