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 Tesla Pitch 2 Article

п»їExecutive Summary

Following experiencing tremendous growth within the previous couple of years, Tesla should contemplate within the idea of becoming an auto market giant. In the current scenario, Tesla are unable to achieve that breathtaking goal since its cars are too costly for the standard consumer. According to USA Today the typical price of new car is usually $31, 252. The basic Unit S costs $62, 400, which describes out of the reach of the typical consumer. Tesla cannot turn into like all their counterparts for Ford or GM, unless of course they start producing lower priced vehicles. To be able to produce these kinds of vehicles, Tesla has to slice its creation costs and step out of the luxurious electric vehicle niche they have created for themselves. My pitch covers three methods that will assist Tesla lessen production costs and cause them to become a volume seller of automobiles. The methods are to reduce the production costs of the battery pack, eliminating the luxury features of the automobile, and reintroducing the more affordable 40kwh style that was canceled. With all the implementation of these three strategies Tesla will be closer to reaching their aim and getting a larger business.


Various people thought that the electrical car was dead, that was till Elon Musk founded Tesla Motors in 2003. Spray has catapulted Tesla in becoming the number one producer of electric vehicles (EVs) and also end up being the iconic auto maker of EVs. The surge of the ELECTRONIC VEHICLES was brought on by the public's concern pertaining to the environment. That they wanted environmentally friendly cars, but the problem is the fact that technology to create these cars is still expensive. The basic Unit S coming from Tesla will cost you $62, 4 hundred, while the superior version can cost you $132, 070 (teslamotors. com). The majority of the public is looking to shell out an average of $31, 252 on a brand new vehicle (usatoday. com). Tesla's standard Model S i9000 will cost two times more than the actual average buyer wants to spend, while the high quality version is usually not intended for the average...

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