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" The Mats”

My spouse and i. SETTINGS:

a. Place: Nana Emilia's Houseb. Time: The time setting to get the action is in the afternoon. This storyhappened somewhat among 1950's to the present time. There is nospecific season intended for the said story however the story evolves in the evening. II. CHARACTERS:

a. Protagonist: Mister. Angeles

m. Antagonist: Him self III.


a. Exposition:

The storyplot is started out by Mr. Angeles who may be coming home intended for hisperiodic inspection trip. In that case he had drafted in Mariveles to Tata Emiliathat this individual has a shock to him that he bought exercise mats that are made by simply anartistic craftsman at this area. These mats have colorful designs withtheir individual distinguish weaves, design, and colours. He is capable to give itto them all.. m. Rising Action The rising action is when Mr. Angeles is usually giving his surprised gift idea tothe entire family. Plus the siblings were very capable to get their items. And one by one, on the lit area of the property, he offered the mats withdistinguish labels and significance on it. c. Climax

The highest portion of the story is definitely wherein they each get the rugs butthere happen to be 3 remaining mats that needs to be unfolded. And Mr. Angelesunfold it one by one and this individual speaks within a loud voice that he offers thissimple mats to his several dead littermates which are Josefina, Victoria, andConcepcion d. Falling Action

The slipping action in the story is usually where Nana Emilia and Mr. Angeles argues concerning this sensitive concern that they must forget alreadybecause they are useless but Mr. Angeles is very stubborn that heemphasized why these children should not be taken for granted