Tourism: Culture and Primary Goods Essay

Travel: Culture and first Products

п»їDisadvantage of Tourism in Nepal

1 . Cultural destruction

2 . Major products

3. Environmental break down

4. Limited employment

your five. Low rewards

6. Progress illegal and/or destructive monetary activities six. Outside employing

8. incapable market

being unfaithful. Health tourism has it very own set of exclusive challengers

12. Cruises

eleven. Package programs

12. Periodic employment

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" Disadvantages of tourism" Disadvantages (depending upon rendering some of these can change into advantages) • cultural destruction, (modernization (world mono-culture), freezes tradition as artists, loss: dialect, religion, rituals, material culture. ) • primary items (sun, yellow sand, surf, firefox, suds, ski, sex) (little value added, neo-colonialism) • environmental destruction (game drives, areas: golf, ski, beach, desert, world because play surface, SUV. ) • little employment (low skill, low wage, menial services, prostitution, drug operate, gambling, hustlers. ) • low rewards (no task security, zero health care, no organizing, simply no work basic safety rules or enviro standards. ) • development of illegitimate and/or dangerous economic actions (markets pertaining to drugs, endangered species, and so forth ) • outside hiring (skilled middle section and mature management recruited out of the region and transmitted in. ) • attention employment (walled resort element. )

• seasonal job

• outside the house decision making (decisions made away from the area, business dollars tainted government. ) • impractical expectations (divert young people from school and brighter futures. ) • anti-democratic collusion (industry support of repressive governments) • area controlled by the top notch (people moved, agriculture removed, prohibited by N. P. ) • negative lifestyle's (STD's, drug abuse, begging, hustling) • diverted and centered development (airport, roads, drinking water, electricity to tourist destinations, advancement not attainable to locals), • small forex stays on in nation (airplanes, cars,...