UNEP CASCADE Environmental Financial 2012 Dissertation

UNEP CHUTE Environmental Financial 2012

Forestry and Bioenergy CDM Carbon Tasks in Africa

Lessons sucked from the Chute programme in Benin and Senegal Document under the way of Françoise d'Estais and Robert Vergnes. Mme Françoise d'Estais is Program Manager at the Un Environment Plan in charge of carbon dioxide finance -- francoise. [email protected] org. Mr. Robert Vergnes is a member of the panel of experts towards the Joint Execution Supervisory Panel (JISC) from the UNFCCC, and Practice Leader of Energy & Climate Modify at ERM, Mediterranean Department -– robert. [email protected] com. With the participation of Dr . Stefano Bonelli, Project Administrator at ERM, and Edouard Crespeigne, Advisor at ERM.

This article have been written by the authors intended for general data purposes and necessarily reflect the views of the Un or it is member states or the ones from ERM or the Fonds Français pour l'Environnement Mondial.

Funded by the Fonds Français put l'Environnement

Mondial and applied by the Un

Environment Programme, the CASCADe programme

continues to be managed within the last 4 years with the

goal to enhance experience to develop forestry

and bio-energy carbon tasks in sub-Saharan Africa.

Executed by the Un Environment

Plan, CASCADe features provided institutional

support, ability building and project creation

support to nearly 40 projects in the 7 concentrate on countries.

ERM, one of the planet's leading suppliers of

environmental consulting services, was entrusted

to synchronize the CASCADe activities in Benin and

Senegal. Based upon this knowledge, the article quickly

presents the CASCADe program, depicts an easy

overview of the CDM market in the forestry

and bio energy areas in Africa and goes thru the

challenges faced by simply stakeholders in achieving that

potential. It finally offers a series of lessons and

advice drawn from the implementation of

the plan.

UNEP Chute Web Site:...


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