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 What Do Persons Live to perform? Essay

What People Live To Do?

This really is a question that is certainly hard to answer because people will vary values, values, customs, and attitudes that influence their behavior and what they do. People all over the world can provide different answers to this problem, as I possess found out by simply asking a small number of people. Persons I have asked say that they will live for his or her family, kids, job, in order to worship The almighty. These answers may be simply perfect for that certain specific, but not for the whole human race. The answers tend not to pertain to society in general. So the problem is what perform human beings in general live to perform? What is our purpose?

Personally, i believe that people as a whole live to learn. This is certainly a process that every people know they do. From the moment we are created and are in the womb, were constantly learning. We figure out how to suck, how you can breathe, how to crawl, walk, and discuss. Learning is known as a process that never ends. We by no means stop learning. People have to live to learn mainly because if we don't, we would never be exactly where we are today.

For example , whenever we did not live to learn, people would be cavemen walking around unable to speak with one another. This is the unique issue about becoming human, we are able to adapt to situations by learning new methods to survive. Persons in our time go to college to learn a trade or learn on the work. Through learning people are capable of provide for their loved ones. Technology is advancing, even as we learn new techniques to make life easier for people. Scientists are learning new ways to cure disease and disease, prolonging existence and enabling our standard of living, to be greater than it has ever been. This theme also applies to the indegent living in third-world countries. They have to study as well. They must learn strategies to survive and adapt to lifespan that they live.

In conclusion, I think that learning is an ongoing process that folks live to complete, like horses live to perform. People are constantly learning from labor and birth to...