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Who Freed the Slaves?

The problem of slavery played out as the most significant problem in American History throughout the nineteenth 100 years with the American expansion of the United States. Slaves had been eventually liberated by the ratification of the 13th amendment which usually caused slavery to be illegal. This 13th amendment, yet , had to be pushed by congress by several group of people—the Industrialists. Industrialists were the most influential basis for the clearing of the slaves due to their influence in avoiding foreign aid to the South, arguments in equalling wage labor, and their help in economy, firearms, railroads ensuring Union triumph in the Detrimental War.

Industrialists in Britain and Portugal stopped all their governments via helping the South. Generally there workers also had the incentive to eliminate slavery because of wage labor disputes. Basically, industrialists during these countries failed to want to have to work for bigger wages against slaves doing work for free, or very low wages. Their employees would rise ? mutiny if jobs were given to the underclass of African Americans. In Contrast to America, England and France acquired already abolished Slavery, therefore supporting the Confederacy who had been pro-slavery will cause them to take a step in reverse to support a pro-slavery union such as the southern region. The foreign support for the Confederacy might upset the normal workers if perhaps there govt supported the actual just worked well to eliminate. As well, these two countries were currently trading items with the North, so promoting the Confederacy would cause rifts inside the trading as well. The unfavorable consequences which the Industrialists placed on Britain and France caused them to cut-off their Confederate support.

Industrialists also focused ending slavery because of their anxiety about unequal economic rights. They will helped shift the focus of freeing the slaves in the equality of blacks towards the economic job and salary boost that the Industrialists might fail to see if the slavery continued. The abolition of...