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Imagine that you are a business owner. Choose whether to hire a brand new person in the marketing office or upgrade your computer system. Every single choice needs the same amount of investment. Address the following topics: What factors would you value to determine whether to invest in the extra capital or labor?

Changing a computer system can be a task that the new hire can easily do. While interviewing find someone who enjoys computers and loves marketing at the same time. There after entire person is working on computers all day so they should know how to update a system. You can purchase the part separately rather then having to pay someone the hourly rate to fix a pc system. For this reason , upgrading the pc system will be costly. Your computer can make in the same way many blunders as a human can why don't most of us pay a worker their a chance to do the job correctly. You should always work with someone who has many knowledge in computers and this specific field to do a good job. After all, simply no offense, but that employee will be on a 90 time trial period every say and will fix the pc in that time. If perhaps they do not be eligible then find someone who can fix it.

It is also possible that the modern person who is definitely hired may leave the corporation after a short time of work. In such a case, the investments designed to induct the modern person in the marketing department would not be fruitful for the business, mainly because it would be a initial investment.

Changing the computer system also helps in better automation of processes. Other factors that identify whether the investment would be employed for additional capital or labor are the mother nature of the industry, the strength of the department (framework of the organization) and the requires of the business. В


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